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2021’s Best Mobile Investment App Review: Moka

The best way to plan for your financial future is to find the right investment to suit your financial goals, risk tolerance and the expected timeframe when you expect to need the funds. If you’ve already started saving, now is the time to start investing in your future. If you haven’t started saving, check out this blog article to learn how to build a budget and how to save money.

Moka: Canada's best mobile investment app

Investing once meant speaking with a financial advisor, choosing from hundreds of confusing investment options and paying large fees for the privilege. With this top investment app, investing is as easy as posting a meme on Facebook and only costs a small monthly fee for all your investments.

This article will explore how to save money with one of the best investment apps on the market today. Moka claims to make investing easy for everyone, helping you save more, spend less and invest smarter. We’ll explore this claim, dig into the app's features, look at the pros and cons and take a quick look at the new Moka 360 premium offering. Read on to learn more about Moka and why they’re one of the top investment apps available.

What is Moka?

Moka is a mobile investment app that makes investing easy for everyone. The app connects with your online banking portal allowing you to deposit funds into an account set up within the platform. This top investment app enables you to manage contributions towards your investments from your phone, with its easy-to-use mobile investment app.

Moka offers both registered and non-registered investment funds, so you can contribute to both RRSPs and TFSAs to take advantage of tax-efficient investing options. Moka’s funds are professionally managed by Tactex Asset Management. The only fee charged is a $3 monthly flat fee with no other hidden costs.

How Does Moka Work?

Once you’ve linked your online banking to Moka’s mobile investment app, you’re asked to choose a goal and open your first account. You can open several accounts with Moka, so if you have several different needs (ie. saving for a car, down payment on a home and retirement), your personal fund manager then chooses investments crafted towards each specific goal.

Next, you’re asked a series of questions to help determine the best investment options suited for your needs and specific financial goals. This questionnaire also helps determine the level of risk and return that fit within your comfort level. Finally, you’ll determine the time horizon for your investment goals. This quick questionnaire helps the fund manager to choose investments specific to your long-term financial goals.

Moka Features

This mobile app has a variety of amazing features that make it the top investment app available today. My personal favourite is the automated savings and investing through rounding up my everyday purchases. Read on to learn more about these exciting features.

Automated savings and investing

Whenever I’m asked how to save money, my answer is always the same. Automate your savings. Moka has a feature designed to do that. Its roundup feature is simple and versatile.

It works like this: Each week you choose an amount of money you want deposited in your investment account. With each subsequent transaction that occurs in your linked bank account, Moka rounds it up to the next dollar and adds the change to your regular contribution.

You can change the minimum investment amount at any time and make additional investments whenever you want. The roundup feature also allows you to multiply the amount of change invested - up to 8x. This feature is an amazing way to automate your investments and you’ll start to see results immediately. Invest your spare change today by opening a Moka account.

Unlimited TFSAs

If you don’t already have a TFSA, you probably should. The Canadian government allows you to invest up to $6,000 per year into an account that shelters your investment growth from taxation. A TFSA is like an RRSP but has the advantage of your money not being taxed on withdrawal.

Moka allows you to open an unlimited amount of TFSAs. If you’re investing for several purposes or you want to diversify your risk and invest in a range of products, you can open an unlimited number of TFSAs. The investment returns each account receives will not be taxable while they’re held and withdrawn from your TFSA (any earnings on investments held outside your TFSA in a non-registered account will be taxable). Stay up to date with the contribution limit for TFSAs as CRA will penalize you for over-contribution.

Socially responsible investing

A growing trend among the best investment apps is to fund companies that have positive social impacts on communities around the world. Moka is yet another investment platform that lives up to this growing demand for positive change in business ethos. This top investment app allows you to use your money to build a better future for yourself and those around you.

Cashback perks

Moka helps you save money on everyday purchases you already make. It’s cashback perks invest a part of your purchase back into your savings fund. You’re able to get cashback from top retailers including:

  • Apple Music

  • UberEats

  • Indigo.ca

  • Kate Spade

  • Overstock.com

  • Macy’s

Roundup and give

The Roundup and Give feature works in a similar fashion to Moka’s automated savings feature. You can designate a charity and a donation goal, and each week your change will be rounded up and donated to the charity of your choice. Donating to charity not only helps you give back to your community but allows you to reduce your tax bill as well.

Referral program

The Moka referral program helps put extra money in your pocket by helping your friends and family save. For every person you refer to Moka, you’ll receive $5 in your investment account. Each person you refer will also receive $5 for starting their automated investing account. The Moka referral program is a win-win for everyone involved!

Pros & Cons


  • Automate your savings

  • No limit on TFSAs can expose you to potential tax liability for over-contribution

  • Low monthly fee


  • Earn rewards for referrals

  • Open both registered and non-registered accounts

  • Cash-back rewards from retailer you already shop at

  • Premium version features financial coaches that teach you how to save money

Moka 360

In October 2020, Moka launched its premium version, Moka 360. This top investment app takes your finances to the next level with a boast that it saves you more money than it costs or they will pay you double the annual fee.

Moka 360 Features

Lower your monthly bills

This is the only app that we know of that will help you lower your monthly bills. The process is very simple. You take a picture of your monthly bill and upload it to the investment app. Moka will then renegotiate your bills on your behalf so that you can save more money each month.

Personalized financial coaching

With the premium version of this top investment app, you have access to unlimited financial advice. The mobile app features online financial coaches to help you reach your long-term goals. You can rely on unbiased advice on how to save money, pay down your debt faster and answer all your financial questions.

Double cashback perks

The Moka 360 app increases the cashback perks offered by the basic platform. You’ll receive up to double the cashback on everyday retailers you already use.

Pay down debt faster

Taking control of your finances may mean paying debt down faster. Moka 360 helps you budget extra money each month to help you become debt-free faster. You can set an automatic payment each month straight from the app. The app helps show you how long it will take to become debt-free with each extra dollar you put towards your debt.

Moka Promotions

This top investment app is currently offering the following promotions.

360 Guarantee

If you sign up for Moka 360, you’ll receive unlimited access to financial advisors that can help you troubleshoot your finances. They also have features that allow you to renegotiate your monthly bills to find hidden savings.

The cost of this premium version is $15 per month. Moka understands that many will be skeptical that the app can save them over $180 per year. This is why they offer the 360 guarantee. If you use the premium version of the app for 1 year and don’t save at least $180, they will pay you $360! This is a big boast and ensures you can’t lose by giving it a try.

Give $5 and Get $5!

Share this top investment app and not only will you earn $5, but your friends and family will also earn $5 when they download this app via the link you share. You can increase your savings through this app's automated investing feature and share it with others to earn extra income.


This company claims to let you save more, spend less and invest smarter. With automated savings and investments made easy, all for a small monthly fee, Moka lives up to this promise. This platform is one of the best investment apps available today. If you want to learn how to save money, look no further than this top investment app.

Give the basic version a try for three dollars per month. You’ll be impressed with the ease of use and the speed at which you can set up investment accounts specifically for your needs and long-term goals. If you want to take your savings to the next level, you can’t lose with the Moka 360 Guarantee. If you don’t save $180 over one year, Moka will give you $360. With a boast that big, a better financial future awaits with the best investment app of 2021!

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